How To Install A Private OpenVPN App On Your Firestick

Setting up openvpn on firestick and android

Ok what you will need to do is follow the below on how to set up a private VPN using OpenVPN app on your firestick, there is quite a bit to it so take your time.

Alternatively, we can do all this for you if you have a PC or laptop as we can connect to it and do everything off your PC/Laptop and do all the hard work for you it takes approximately 10 mins and are charge is £3 if you want it done for you.


If you don’t have an Amazon device and you have an android box then follow our guide on putting a private VPN app on your android box


How To Put Downloader On Your Firestick And Change Settings


Ok there is a very high chance you already have downloader on your firestick if you have added a IPTV app such as Strong IPTV app or Smart IPTV you will know about the downloader app. So if you already have the downloader app then go to the next part if not follow this below to download the downloader app.


What you need to do is make sure you have enabled developer options by following our GUIDE HERE and also have your IP address ready if we are installing the app for you if you have chosen that option.


Once you have enabled the developer options its time to get cracking so what you want to do next is press the home button on the remote to go back to the Amazon home screen then press left on the remote to the little magnifier icon next to the word Home and press ok.

Quick Tip: You can hold the microphone button on the top of your remote and say “Downloader” and it should find the app for you

Now you want to use the search keyboard to type the word Downloader like below


how to install downloader app


loading downloader app


Once the downloader app has opened you will want to press ok to close the little notice box that is showing then press ok to enter the address bar and what you need to type into it is this and then click on go and this will download the VPN app then click done and the app has installed.


downloading the vpn app


install screen openvpn screen


Now you will want to stay in the downloader app as you will need to download to 2 special VPN files we sent to you.



How To Download The Special VPN Files We Sent


Ok what you will want to do is in the downloader app go to Settings then make sure you have Enable Javascript ticked like the below


enable javascript in built in web browser


Now click the Browser section on the left hand side and now you need to enter the special vpn link 1 address in there we sent you and then click Go and you will be taken to a download page.


put in special vpn link 1


click on slow download


Once you move red circle mouse cursor over Slow download and press ok on the remote and wait 20 seconds it will start to download the special vpn file 1


Now what you need to do is get the link for special vpn file 2 we sent and follow the above again so type in the address at the top and click Go then choose Slow download again and it will download special vpn file 2.


put in special vpn link 1


click on slow download


Now once you downloaded both special vpn file 1 and special vpn file 2 you can then press the home button on the remote as we do not need to use the Downloader app anymore Phew!!



How To Set Up OpenVPN App On Your Firestick


Ok now that you have everything downloaded what you need to do is go to the first row on your Amazon home screen then scroll all the way to the right-hand side and choose See All.


see all on amazon firestick home screen


Now you will want to scroll to the bottom of the page until you see the OpenVPN app icon then you will want to hold the menu button on it (3 little bars on remote) and then choose move to front so we can always access the app from the home screen.


move to home screen


After doing the above you can scroll to the top of the icons and you can now open the VPN app.


Once you have the VPN app open you will want to have a look at the top right-hand side of the screen and you will see a box icon with an arrow pointing down you need to click on this as we are going to import the special file 1 and 2 you downloaded before.


After you have clicked the icon need to choose Internal Storage and then scroll down until you see Downloader then go inside and you will see a file name that ends in .ovpn and .conf make sure you have these 2 files before you proceed which you should have. Now you just need to click on that file that ends in .ovpn.



click on the opvn file


Now a new page will appear just keep everything the same and press the little tick in the top right-hand side of the page.


click on the tick in the top right corner



Now with the above being done, you will now need to go into settings in the menu bar and look for a setting that says Connect on boot and then tick it.


Connect VPN on boot


Now scroll back to the menu at the top and choose Profiles then press down to the name of the VPN and press ok on the remote then you will see the below just click on ok when you see the connection request



click the VPN profile to turn it on


Say ok to connection request



android openvpn connected


You just need to press back on the remote and now you will also see the words Connected: SUCCESS like the image below once you see that press the home button on the remote and that’s it all done.


Wait!!!! You thought you were finished not yet, Get back to work!!!

We have a strong recommendation below it only takes a minute to do it and your other apps won’t have any issues like BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Youtube etc.





A Strong Recommendation


We only need the VPN to work on your IPTV app such as Strong IPTV app or Smart IPTV app otherwise it may cause issues for the other apps on your device.

First, you will need to quickly install mouse toggle for your firestick by clicking here

Once you have installed Mouse Toggle you will need to go back into the VPN app.

Then you will want to click on the pen icon next to the word strongiptv on the right-hand side.


click the pen icon


then scroll across to Allowed Apps and then click on the little orange button to turn it white and it will now say VPN is used for only for selected apps.




Now scroll down until you see an IPTV app such as our app Strong IPTV or whatever app you use for our IPTV.

Once you find our IPTV app then if you have mouse toggle installed you can double press the play button on the remote which will bring a mouse pointer up on the screen and all you have to do is move the pointer to the checkbox and tick it.


click allow on the iptv vpn app



Now you can press the home button on your remote as that is all set up now.


Make sure you keep the VPN turned ON at all times.



Bravo!! You can now flip on the kettle on after doing all this and know your IT skills just went up another level from installing a private VPN app on your firestick. You will now be able to watch the IPTV without your ISP blocking any IPTV channels.